Cailles Farcies Au Foie Gras Au Four

Foie gros makes a festive and fabulous start à a meal. Auto simplest et most timeless way à serve it is sliced on toasted bread at cocktails hour, accompanied de champagne jaune a sweet white wine indigenous southwest France. Alternatively, auto foie gros may be served at the table oui a first artaserse on a salad of tender leaves, or nous its own accompanied passant par fruit jaune preserves, v toast nous the side.

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Foie gras — auto liver du a fattened duck or goose — come in countless varieties, auto finest being the bloc entier aux foie gras, in which auto seasoned foie is preserved whole with non additives. Si possible, go parce que le a fois gras assez mi-cuit, which is preserved with le minimum heating et generally come in a glass jar or terrine. This range does not travel well, ont it have to be kept refrigerated, and may it is in difficult venir find outside ns France. Almost oui flavorful is auto foie gros entier that comes in a tin.

I would certainly recommend staying clear of products labeling pâté ns foie gras jaune parfait du foie gras, as this indicates that thé foie has been couper with différent ingredients, most typically with liver of année unfattened fowl. (In la france it is also faisabilité to achieve foie gros cru — an entire lobe of uncooked fattened liver that should be sautéd avant serving — cible that is a dish in its very own right that deserves a separate recipe.)

Which type of foie gros to choose, goose or duck? Traditionalists might go parce que le goose, cible personally ns prefer duck, i beg your pardon is ever sauce soja slightly less riche in ma view. Whichever tu choose, chill the foie gras avant serving, et slice it with a spicy knife (not serrated).

As for the bread, pick a variety that is thick enough à hold auto foie, for example a baguette which peut faire be sliced into small rounds. Si using a larger frais of bread, divide the slices in half jaune quarters before or after toasting. I recommend white bread because de its neutral flavor — différent breads, such oui rye, whole wheat or sour dough, temporisation to interfere through the sublime flavor de the foie.

Foie gros on toast for cocktail hour

1 6-ounce (180 g.) jar or tin de foie gros entier1/2 loaf de white bread, preferably a baguette2-3 tbsp. Fruit preservessprig du fresh basil or mint leaves parce que le garnisha chilled bottle ns Champagne or a top-quality sweet blanche wine like Monbazillac jaune Sauternes

Refrigerate thé foie gros until shortly avant serving. à unmold, dip auto unopened jar or tin into chaud water à la 10 seconds. Dry off and open. Warm a an extremely sharp knife under nom est running water, dry, and run thé knife around the edge ns the foie. Invert over a clean plate or cutting board, robinet the bottom and, with the edge ns your knife, help ease auto foie out. This is sometimes difficult with a believe — if so, simply open the bottom v a can opener and push the foie out.

Place thé foie ago in thé refrigerator while you toast auto bread: couper into petit slices, toast a few, collection in a baking tin, repeat until you oui used toutes les personnes the bread. Si serving at cocktail hour, count 3-4 little toasts effronté person. Now heat the oven venir medium-low. Just avant serving, carré the baking believe in the oven to reheat auto toast.

Remove the foie gras from thé fridge and, utilizing a heated sharp knife, couper into slices about 1/8 customs (1/3 cm) thick. You may oui to couper the slices in half or in soldier in stimulate to droit them onto auto toast.

Remove thé toast from thé oven and cover each piece with a slice ns foie gras. Just set the foie nous top de the toast — à faire not spread.

Arrange the canapés on a bowl with auto fruit preserves conditions météorologiques the side et a sprig of fresh basil jaune mint (or both) parce que le garnish. Ajouter a au sens propre spoon so that guests peut être top their foie gros with the preserves si desired. In the d’image above, ns used preserves fabriqué of dark sour cherries (griottes in French). Est différent varieties that job-related well space fig, plum jaune quince.

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Serve thé canapés through chilled Champagne or a chilled mince sweet white from southwest France. Offer 8-10.

Salade folle à foie gras

1 6-ounce (180 g.) jar jaune tin de foie gras entier2-3 taille handfuls du mixed tender salad leaves: arugula, bébé chard, bébé spinach, radicchio, jaune mesclun (a combination)1 lb (220 g.) trimmed vert beans1 clove garlic, finely minced10 mint leaves1 tbsp. Balsamic vinegar2 tbsp. Extra-virgin olive oilsalt et freshly ground couleur noire pepper10 tiny mirabelle plums jaune cherry tomatoes

Refrigerate thé foie gras until shortly before serving. à unmold, dip auto unopened jar or tin into chaud water for 10 seconds. Dried off and open. Warm a an extremely sharp knife under hot running water, dry, et run thé knife around thé edge de the foie. Invert end a clean plate or cutting board, doux the bottom and, with the edge du your knife, help ease auto foie out. This is sometimes complicated with a believe — if so, merely open the bottom v a can opener et push thé foie out.

Place auto foie gros back in thé fridge while amie prepare thé salad: Wash auto tender leaves and spin dry. Cuisiner the green beans in salted water until seulement tender, around 5 minutes. Drain et plunge into ice-cold water (this preserves their bright vert color).

In auto bottom of a large salad bowl, combinaison the balsamic vinegar, olive oil et minced garlic to make a sauce. Ajouter salt and pepper venir taste. Carré the greens nous top of the sauce. Ajouter the mint leaves, whole jaune roughly chopped. Slice the signification littérale plums jaune cherry tomatoes in half et add. Toss thé salad. Distribute conditions météorologiques individual plates. Drain the beans, play dry and place on top.

Now remove auto foie gras from thé fridge and, making use of a heated spicy knife, slice into small pieces. Distribute the pieces over auto salad. (You pouvez not need tous of the foie gras. Si you have some left over, covering tightly v plastic wrap and refrigerate. Cette will keep for a couple of days, et may be used for canapés at cocktail hour on un autre occasion.)

Serve thé salad accompanied passant par a maigrir red wine, preferably a Bordeaux — which come from the same region as the foie gras. Serves 8-10.

Rondelles du foie gras du figues

1 6-ounce (180 g.) jar jaune tin ns foie gras entier3 new figsa couple of sprigs of fresh basil jaune mint leaves pour garnishsmall bowl du fleur ns sel (fine sea salt)

This should be served ont a first course on a festive occasion — Christmas or nouveau Year’s, à la example.

Refrigerate auto foie gros until just antérieur à serving. à unmold, dip the unopened jar jaune tin into hot water for 10 seconds. Dried off and open. Heat a very sharp knife under hot running water, dry, et run the knife around auto edge du the foie. Invert over a clean plate jaune cutting board, robinet the bottom and, with auto edge of your knife, aid ease auto foie out. This is sometimes daunting with a believe — si so, just open thé bottom with a deserve to opener et push auto foie out.

Using a heated sharp knife, slice thé foie gros into six thick rounds. Place them nous individual plates, two rounds per plate. Rinse the figs, cut off auto stems and slice in quarters. Place four quarters on each plate. Ajouter some basil and/or mint sprigs à la garnish.

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Serve accompanied de toasted blanche bread and a maigrir wine — Champagne, Bordeaux or a comparable sturdy red, jaune a chill sweet blanche from southwest France. Offer 3.