Our campsite is perfectly situated near Talmont-Saint-Hilaire in the Vendée. With maigrir sand and beaches ont far ont the eye deserve to see, auto Vendée has 250 km de protected coastline et 140 km du beaches. Toutes les personnes of the beaches to be awarded the European Pavillon Bleu environmental label. The Vendée is recognized in France and throughout Europe ont a progressive tourist region, working to combiner tourism and sustainable development. Auto water by the beaches that you amour to visit close to our Le paradis Campsite is very clean.

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The Pavillon Bleu étiqueter means nous also use herbal algae deposits venir strengthen shorelines and dunes. With auto Pavillon Bleu, you will additionally be for sure everywhere you swim. There are manual technique in place to keep auto area clean that are gentle and respect the local plant et animal life. These natural, pristine beaches in auto Vendée are thé ideal place pour families et lovers of tous kinds of water sports. Over there are plenty of resort towns to choose indigenous along thé Vendée coast. Our Le heaven Campsite through swimming-pool is in année ideal lare in Talmont-Saint-Hilaire: between thé sea, the beach, et the beautiful state woodlands where you can be safe under thé sun and go hiking. This is a dream destination for lovers du freedom, kept nature, and authenticity.


Le paradis offers the recent generation du accommodations, smart and luxurious v up venir 4 bedrooms… téléphone mobile, téléphone portable homes, cabins, cottages, pitches, unique accommodations…

Enjoy the Vendée throughout your holiday

The Vendée is a gorgeous français region, just like its toutes les personnes who amour pristine nature et traditions. The Vendeans rigid upon the sea in defiance, yet room rooted in your countryside. You will love the peace et quiet, the wide open spaces, and the unique et varied region. Ours Le heaven Campsite is situated in Talmont-Saint-Hilaire, near thé Vendée coast et sweeping, sablonneux beaches, and hectares de state forest. Amie can picnic with your family et friends in these welcoming jaw forests or hike the GR8 trail. Our Le heaven Campsite through swimming-pool has actually activities et entertainment that room perfect for a resort city setting. Tu can head the end from ns Paradis and explore thé back country and its pretty villages. You will love their quiet et peaceful atmosphere, though they space right prochain to famous beaches.

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Le paradis Campsite is near Talmont-Saint-Hilaire right prochain to the beautiful Veillon beach. This gorgeous beach, like all the différent beaches conditions météorologiques the coast, has been awarded the Pavillon Bleu, label parce que le the cleanliness du its water et sand and use ns environmentally responsible cleaning practices. Haricot de soja you can enjoy thé sea et large beaches with your household while help preserve auto natural environment!

Campsite passant par the Vendée coast

Head to Le heaven Campsite nous the Vendée coast close to Talmont-Saint-Hilaire pour a peaceful household holiday. Right passant par the ocean and the gorgeous, sandy Veillon beach, les Paradis Campsite v swimming-pool has activities et events that fit right into the resort town setting. You can spend auto day biking along thé coast, adhering to routes suggested by the tourist office. The bike path is 200 km long (150 kilomètre are off-route), et connects Bouin à L’Aiguillon-sur-Mer, happen through the Noirmoutier et Yeu islands. To comprendre to thé Ile ns Noirmoutier, take her bike or car across the famous Groix passage.


Campsite in das Sables-d"Olonne in auto Vendée

With ours perfect laure in the south of Les Sables-d’Olonne, Le ciel Campsite immédiatement you to enjoy activities and recreation every day in this pretty au sens propre port city in the Vendée. Le heaven is much less than 10 km as the corbeau flies from the port of les Sables-d’Olonne, et 15 km de car. In around 20 minutes par car, elle can volonté to launch mettre en ordre of auto famous Vendée monde race and watch thé monohull sailboats leave port Olona, visit the sea musée or enjoy thé long, sand beach.

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The Zoo of les Sables-d’Olonne is 11 km from thé campsite. It is known for quality natural spaces in a 3-hectare park shaded de hundred-year-old trees. During your holiday in auto Vendée, you will it is in in a perfect lare at Le ciel Campsite to enjoy auto water sports and tourist destinations of esquive Sables-d’Olonne: the Sainte-Croix Abbey that dwellings a musée of modern art, thé Saint-Nicolas fort, the Notre-Dame-de-bon-Port church, auto Ile Penotte ar with beautiful murals, or the covering museum de the port.