Camping Paradis La Colo Au Camping

#TitleRate1La colo venir campingLa colo au camping(5 Jul.

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2016) à m welcomes Audrey, his nouveau employee. Meanwhile, a brother and sister clash when they direct a summer camp et a jeune discovers a famille secret. 7.22La clank sans parentsLa famille sans parents(30 Aug. 2016) A young student have to tutor elle brother et sister. Tom's camping is inspected. Meanwhile, à m meets his twin who searches his ex wife. 7.33Mystère à campingMystère à camping(31 Oct. 2016) tom welcomes Alexandre, who hey hasn't checked out in 10 years, and meets his wife Sonia, who is expecting. Sonia confesses venir Tom that she has secretly invited Alexandre's dad Eric, though they haven't been nous speaking state in years, in auto hopes de reconciling them before the bébé is born. How will Alexandre react when cette is put on the spot? Audrey's cousin David, a best-selling author of livre for teens, comes to the boursier looking à la inspiration.

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Hey meets a young ventilateur named Charlie that is persuaded that David is his father. 6.84Miss CampingMiss Camping(13 Mar. 2017) A man hopes à reconcile through his jonon girlfriend not understanding that elle is lesbian now. Meanwhile, a widower build a relation with his wife's former best friend and Parizot tries venir win a mr camping competition. 5.953 papas et une maman3 papas et ns maman(17 Apr. 2017) Gilles'mother intimidates his relationship. Two men learn that they loved the same wife marqué now she's gained engaged à someone else. 6.46Nos année CampingNos années Camping(24 Apr. 2017) tom meets old classmates who hide a secret.

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Meanwhile, a man tries à recover indigenous a stroke et Xavier think Adèle loves him. 7.0

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