Capture D Écran Samsung Note 3

The screenshot will open automatically, enabling you à crop, share, or ajouter a quick note to thé image.

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Using Keys

You can capture screenshots passant par pressing the Home key and the Power/Lock key simultaneously.

The screenshot will be copied to auto clipboard et saved to auto Screenshots folder in Gallery.

Using motion Gesture


Your en mouvement device supports a "palm swipe to occupation screenshot" gesture. Venir turn off/on the feature, from the patrie screen, touch Menu > Settings> Controls > Palm motion. Touch auto slider à turn Palm activity on. Touch the slider to turn capturer screen on. Tu can now prendre a screenshot de touching the screen with auto side of your hand and swiping throughout from left venir right or vice versa.


The screenshot will be copied to auto clipboard and saved to the Screenshots folder in Gallery.

Viewing your Screenshots

To open up a screenshot automatically after you occupation it, open the annonçant Panel par swiping your finger from the top ns the display screen to auto bottom, et touch Screenshot captured. Or, à view your screenshots at any kind of time, native the page daccueil screen, touch Apps > Gallery> Screenshots.

Touch the desired screenshot.


When viewing thé screenshot, the following icons are obtainable at thé top de the screen:


Note: additional sharing options peut faire be available conditions météorologiques your device. Auto options pouvez vary based on applications installed and features you oui activated.

Delete: Delete the la peinture file.

Camera: open up the caméra application.



Touch Menu for thé following additional options:

Edit: Edit auto screenshot.

Favorite: ajouter the screenshot à your favorites.

Slideshow: begin a slideshow du the screenshots in auto folder.

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Photo frame: add a decorative frame to the screenshot.

Add noter on back du image: flip the photo over et handwrite a note.

Signature: Save thé selected screenshot ont a signature.

Copy venir clipboard: Copy auto screenshot to thé device clipboard pour pasting into other applications.

Print: print the la peinture to an available printer passant par a wireless network, Wi-Fi Direct™, or USB cable.

Rename: Rename thé file.

Buddy d’image share: Tag thé screenshot parce que le easy sharing through a contact.

Crop: crop unwanted locations out ns the screenshot.

Set as: Set thé picture ont a Contact photoHome screenLock screen, or Home and lock screens wallpaper.

Details: seul technical informations about auto picture, such oui the size.

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Settings: View and edit gallery settings. See accounts available for syncing with auto Gallery. Select when sync need to occur. Rotate on Tag buddyFace tag, and Auto jouer sound when film are taken in Sound & shoot mode.

You can DeleteEdit, and Share screenshots from the annonce Panel. Touch Screenshot captured with two fingers slightly apart et swipe down to expand and display all options. à automatically edit thé screenshot after it is captured, touch Menu > setups > Device > Display and carré a check signe next to Edit after screen capture.