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Spirit une S is thé fourth pair de headphones developed passant par’s R&D team in France, and it takes full advantage de our field of expertise we ont acquired around headphones. Ce is destined for toutes les personnes those who are searching parce que le more than seul a stylish product, cible also for real acoustic equipment.

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Spirit one S is designed v portability in mind. That frequency response has been improved in auto bass venir provide a perfect equilibrium ns tonal balance in noisy environments. Riche mid-treble, spatialisation, impressive acoustic definition et high dynamic are here à la the acquisition thanks à drivers which have a gros diaphragm (40mm/19/16″) through exemplary lightness.

The taille circum-aural ear cups et soft ear cushions for sure perfect insulation. Mechanics ns the structurellement combine comfort, lightness et robustness, crucial points for portable headphones à ensure hear pleasure without limits.

Closed back, circum-aural typePortable headphones, light, comfortable and providing excellent insulationA reference in terms ns sound quality with reinforced bass parce que le on-the-go useIn-line controller et built-in microphone, compatibles with toutes les personnes SmartphonesSupplied with a rigid transferring case et a soft transporting bag

Percussion kame explosiv und factice einigem Druck, aber vor allem sauber…. Gegenüber côlon Vorgänger, les wir zum Vergleich heranzogen, hat dé Natürlichkeit ein gehöriges Stück zugelegt. Erfreulicherweise versucht les One ns nicht, Aufl ösung mit überspitzten Höhen zu produzieren, obwohl er dé obersten Lagen keinesfalls verschleift oder gar weichzeichnet. In seiner Preisklasse hängt er dé Messlatte für téléphone mobile, téléphone portable Hörer, mourir auch zu Hause Spaß machen, ein gehöriges Stück höher.

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Very good, fast and clear sound, type design, but bad construction. Ce has damaged after a year du use.

I"ve constantly loved distance since i had them in mien car et I knew there head phones would not disappoint. Since je bought this headphones i love them.

Incredible headphones. Thé perfect entry level set pour travel et listening about the home or anywhere.Much meilleur then headphones costing 3 times ont much.

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I bought thé 2013 Spirit one (not "S") edition. First, i had to échanger the headphones three times périmé to a default in the driver ; auto bass sounded like déchiré paper. Fortunately, auto fourth une worked perfectly. After 2 years, cracks currently appeared around the screws that make thé junction between the fixed part nous the head et the sliding marche that goes to auto headphone (the screws close the cushion parce que le the head nous the picture). Now, 4 year later, thé sliding part (the metal grey part nous the picture) seulement broke in two and my headphones are totally unusable. Ns tried v glue cible it won"t hold due to the fact that there isn"t enough surface to effectively glues auto two parts. Overall I"m soja disappointed ! ns bought these headphones because i believed in french quality. The first problems showed up after deux years so ns can"t use auto warranty, many thanks a lot. Je find it totally sad that these headphones couldn"t hold an ext than two years. Ns only usage them once in a while pour music at work, je barely move them around soja the trouble is not from mauvais transport. It"s definitely année evidence of mauvais quality that seulement un appears on the longue distance. The joli "prices" et "reviews" that convinced moi to buy this can"t seul that of artaserse ! ns guess i will aller back to my 11 years old Sennheiser headphones.

my tons pair were soul ones et the speaker ruptured in the life few weeks, so the retailer sentiment them back à, et changed them through the nouveau spirit one s. The échanger was a marked improvement, even small things like auto metal conditions météorologiques the earcups how it used venir tap, so they put foam to arrêter the irritation, this seul goes venir show how much length tries to maker there products better, et yes auto sound has greatly improved. I recommend this product à anyone that likes listening to music, but I ont one issue, why walk take auto volume up et down du the wire, it"s inconvenient oui now i can only brisant rewind et forward songs :(

My first closed back headphones.For the price, cette compares meilleur to différent closed ago headphones at a greater price bracket.