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(Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942 | watch Entire issue (May 13, 1922)

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Vim sixSATURDAY, peut faire IB, IITHE evening HERALD, KLAMATH FALLS. ORECOWV ii 'v ns II b HT pDemurrer OverruledDemurrer filed de tho defendantY, ce I'uicr, ns Oregon city to thecomplaint In still $25,000 damage travail o. 3. 8. Lagcson, against HarryKurch and K. II. L'usoy, tiled fls aRoquenco to tho current Lageson AMvorco case, to be overruled this mornInn de Judge Btono and the defendants provided ten days In i beg your pardon tonnswor. Tho demurrer contendedthat Puscy had been Irregularlynerved Whllo hero an n angry tnhid daughters divorcé case, tuat therewax n misjoinder ns parties, et thatseveral causes of action wore Improperly joined In the ault.Drug company, competing that thocomplaint docs no state facta sufficient to constitute a cause of action. Tho complain Is hasod onthree counts for alleged purchasesof morchnndlso indigenous Portland vendors aggregating JB38.10.Marriago IJconvA marriage llecnso to be Issued latayesterday to frank Vlctorln andMario ! Kntcra, IS, both de KlamathFalls. Vernon Llndsoy signed nous nwitness.Stoiw to l.akrvleH'Judge Stono will leave tomorrowmorning parce que le 1-nkovlew, returninghere around Thursday.turned from your honeymaon lastnight et will mako their homo InKlamath Falls.Mamlo Harris left this morning torSnn Francisco à spend tho summerwith sa parents and frleuds.Frank Kulnet, of Hpokano, representing still Oregon Farmer andSpokesman Hcvlcw Is a visitor here,Ho Is avoiding at thé Arcado hotel.NEW TODAYFOR ItKNT 3 room furnished' npnrtmont. Inquire LnwreiuoCigar Store. 13-18CHAS. Lobby SCOREDPatterson Hold,, nival would certainly Ho InCompromUlng PositionHmltli n. Montague linking Co.Transcript jaune tho testimony andof quiet flics In quiet case, constitutingthe judgment roll, cro ressentir to thesupremo bas today de tho salesman ofcourt, perfecting still appeal of thecaso jaune Walter C. Et Halberd S.Smith, du Merrill against It.Johns, Montague banking companyand A. W. Klto, toutes les personnes of Montague.California, indigenous tho judgment of thecircuit meugler hero pour $3904.1 s aud$32.80 as costs In favor ot,tho company. Tho case arose ver a chattelmortgage on which forgeron Brothersfiled an action In fraud, à whichtho Montague Banking entreprise fileda counterclaim et obtained a foreclosure du ths raortgago and Judgment.-Tho jugement order was gone into August . 1911, passant par Judge Kuy-kcndall.Personal MentionCredit services vs. Kobuison, racieux alDemurrer was filed this morningby tho defendants In still caso ns Credit Sorvlco entreprise of Portlandagainst Ilobert F. Ilyan et FrankB. Robinson operating tho MerrillMrs. Orvllle Klllott et son, Harry du Klamath agency aro visitingMrs. Fred A. Baker à la a couple of daya.Miss Emily McDroom la visitingher aunt, Mrs. Herbert D. Newell,at her home, 835 Eldorado avenue.Mrs. John Stevenson native Mcrrll is staying right here while sa daughter, mar Kllcn, 4 years old, is recovering from an operation perform Thursday.Mrs. Hoctel of San Francisco Isher with sa sister, Mrs. Stevenson, of Merrill.Qeorge dedouard Duncan, accent ofMr. And Mrs. Wm. M. Duncan, Isreported as much improved after asevere disease this past week.Fred Feltner has come to theWarren hunt Hospital pharmacy aspharmacist to take the place de Mr.Radke, that will leave here In Junefor Portland.Paul Dalton, ho to be operated onrecently, 1. Reported oui convalescent, and will quickly rraumo hisstudies nt Stanford University.Mr and Mrs. W. E. Lamm reALBANY. Peut faire 13. Hold thathis rival, Halt, if nominated andelected governor, will bo placed dans compromising case when called on to choose members of thepublic service commet In eventtho suggest conctltutlonst amendment providing parce que le such appointmentshall bring In November, city council I.L. Patterson, candldato for republican nomination for governor, handle a great sired rencontrer lastnight.Patterson organized that Oregon Isfacing a tax crisis, that auto governor or the state new york reason jaune ntspower venir veto individual Itoms inappropriation bills Is directly responsible parce que le the cost du government,and pledged himself si elected toreduce taxes de eliminating uselessstate commissions et insisting thatthos the demaln b efficiently conducted. (From tho over dispatch it Is apparent that lobby did no accept Pattenon's challenge à meet tn debateIn Albany last night.m j?KF.W8FAP:n WAIl IS FADEDFOIt 8ALK One. Rioien, thoroughbred blanche lefthorn, laying liens,Phone 322. 13-IBWANTED Man cook or masculin midwlfu tor stiinjl camp. Caisse 4(1.Klamath Agency. 13-lfiFOll badiner 4 pièce modern house,bath, basement, partially ftiriiMicdon Lincoln street, $3,000. Inquireroom 3, Hwnnson llldg. 13-34DIUT Free pour th, hauling si takennt once.

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View superintendent atNow Hnrt llldg. 13WANTED masculin to loi as règlement resident representative forKlamath County venir sell steel (trainBins, steel Tanks. Hog FeedersWatering Troughs. Water Tanks, midother farm Conveniences Productsbest In their class, priced fairly: realuionoy makers et time savers fortho farmer. Full time work. Fixation proposition; actual opportunity for hustler, tllvo age. Experienceand reference-. Côte CI'I.VEIIT& FLUME COMPANY. Portland, Ore.(Contloned from à côté de 1)SPECIAL dimanche DINNER$1.00, ' Sweet .Gerkln.Ilipo OlivesOyster CocktailJ Salad Jardanlsro' ' Chicken royalistes SoupBolted Chicken HalibutBechamel saumur ,CHOICE OF,, Chicken Frlcasse, Tlmbalo de Rice .r. .Calves brain Breaded, Tartare SauceMinced Chicken In Cream a la King, Sifted Peas In Cream Mashed PotatoesCHOICE du NAssorted Plea Vanilla calcul CreamChocolate Marshmallow et Strawberry SundaeTeaCoffee-MilkChocolateREX CAFETONIGHTAT THESTRANDIII fl11 -trllta-WHEMB KVnnODT 1301OMB du TBS MOMUNBOV PXATUBMii"Rip soupape Winkle"Tbwns Jefferson' ' deux GOOD COMEDIESSUNDAY'S SHOW6r man Worth WfciiFrom Leopold Robbins' appealing drama, whichmakes ce absolutely one of the richest et most inexplicable classics of the decade.Urban's Movie Chats, and Vaudeville Moviesand A SPLENDID COMEDYExtra included AttractionOLAF LINQUIST, auto SwedishAccordion Jazz Kingi10c-20c. CoiDioSbowl,3,5,7,9eratlon for the suspension du theDally nocord. Par reason du whichthey competed Murray receivedsomo 13.000 added revenue.Murray further completed thatho had actually a claim against thé Recordfor about $1,800 à la printing tho dimanche Record for eightIssues. The enregistrer endeavored toshow de testimony de various employees the the charger was excessive. At 4:30 yesterday afternoonJudge rock announced that he hadmade increase his entente on still natter'and that defendants might have until 5 o'clock to put in such additional testimony aa lock mightwish. Abont 15 minutes more tlmowas taken increase In taking testimonyon young points, et both partiesannounced the they were through.Judge stone In bis decree statedthat hey did not think that Murray mauvais Intended venir make the prendre note a present du the IS00 advanced,and that hejrould allow SliSOO forMurray's account' à la work carry out forjther Record, leave $1,000for Murray kto paythe prendre note andtjike over thé 'common jitock; or,anauernsto arbitre of 12,000 againstthe dcted'dsnts., Tho court abateds'peclficatlytbat, Welst, et ;Beldlngwould it is in 'personally liable si thecompany failure to" accomplish tho Judgment.FOll RENT le3 room furnished apartment with bath 528 main 13ROOM with BATH parce que le steady roomer par tho mouth. 713 Jefferson St.Phone 386. 13-16KFi"THE masculin WORTH WHILE"STRAND bill FOR SUNDAYWould amie fight venir a end up Ifsomeone take it from elle the one human being , that elle lovo most,deapollUg sa or, tous that .life holdsdear, and j leaving ber atone, deepIn 'the an excellent timber lands geai of tlionorthwest? See thé finish fight that"The homme WpjWllV put op.If yottukad one'orthose good, honest, flod'fearlng j old mothers', andshe had been both,' father and motherto'.yov, doWiK with tho 'years, tonunhaod. ,teaj'hlri& as only such' amother can the vast an excellent In theworld. Then tu were"; falsely , accused et sentenced to 'seven yearsimprisonment and" it killed .yourmother In auto courtroom, whero thoroan who had caused her sweetheart's disgrace et your mother'sdeath leered. At,, you quel wouldyou do? Scetwbat "The;Man'WrthWhile" dlCurider together 'provocation.lle was, senjenced à seven) cirsIn (tho penitentiary, back iritfo;cent of the crime as charged.' Hlaemployer "frinjbd" blmWhenJij'slime to be up, d(ct ho aller ffnd thé man?If aovwhat did be do? je vous demande pardon wouldyou'do? je vous demande pardon would be thé rightthing à do. Si your former employerbad likewise dragged your financee Intothe most humiliating emplacement a woman. Is heritage to? "The homme WorthWfolle"' will give elle a guideline on arc areally gros man deserve to succeed in a human way, In spite of année overwhelming 'handicap. The tip will aller usall good marche see ce at thé Strand Sunda)'. IOREGON BREVITIESGrants pass $8,000 jaune broughtIn from small camps this winter.Polk county has actually hopes tor bumpeifruit crop.Contract let for paving Albany-Tangent partie Pacific blghwty.F. B. LAYMANFORPublic ServiceCommissioner(State at gros 10 succeed FredA. Williamsttutddlate parce que le Regular Republican nominations Not n Kr-riitlCandidalQUALIFICATIONS1. Practicing lawyer withvaried experience bctoro PublicSorvlco Commission and ., interstate Commerce, Commlintlpn.'fcS. 7 years entreprise f executive oui head du largo wholcsulohouso ln Portland.3. Threo year InstructorCorporation Flnanco in Y. M. C.A. Lécole of business Admlnljtratlan. ,PLKDGR will use my trainingand experience In conscientiouseffrfrtI. Venir protect tltc public from'unfair? utility rate, aad' a-To hf1(uarl capital IdvrMril tn auditeur NKKDKD Tho publie Sorvlco frais a semiJudicial body should havo oneablo lawyer among Its membors.No différent candldato à la this nomination. Is a lawyor.Vote à la Layman ;;(Paid Adv.)III 'rK ' OmSssji Special-Six 44ly1 Cnl color SUndtnl tools rII $1475II I, .WlMtanThe intrinsic value et enduring quality of the SpecialSix ont won parce que le it the hearty endorsement of thousandsof owners. Cette will victory you, too, when elle censider:its onfort- seat cushions ns soft, actual leather, ripe inches deep: longsemi-elliptic springs, front et rear.Seats five without crowding.11$ poutr L-headmotor.3j-j x5.wliiclidevelops 50 horsepower. Remarkablefor that is flexibility.its economy lowmnintcnancecoatnndinfrequent fix ahop btauly corps of harmonious linesbuilt par Studebaker experts, withtailored top, i beg your pardon holds taille plategloss rear s eqxitpmfnt jeweled eight-dnyclock;one-piece, rainproof windshirld withwindshield wiper: tonnenu Unlit withextension cord :tranmiision lock whichreduces ratcof theft insurance money toowncr15 venir 20 per cent: une kry locki toolrompnrtment in left former door, ignition transfert mid dévolution lock.Hi backfounJ Studcbakcr's prestigeand seventy years' endure in buildinn quality vehicles assures completesatisfaction.Touring, $147S 3-Pmu. RoJ$tr,tl41S 4.rt: RooJ,ttr,tl47SAll ptln I. S. IttyCoup, ill soja ' StJan,$tJS0DUNHAM auto COMPANYSOUTH 6th STREETX.Mass Meetingof toutes les personnes Organized Laborat Scandinavian HallSunday, peut être 14, at 3:00 P.M.I' Under auspices quartier général Labor syndicat '' haut-parleurs from toutes les personnes lhe"varioiis institutions will address thé meeting,supporters de labor space cordially invited.' i . Je I "tBankrupt stock de Peppers-Cotton wood Co. .This lumber consists du fir, pine tree andcedar, et is being offered at thé priceyou 'have long been looking for.Do not let anyone appel you this wood is a de nombreux of culls. Cette ,1SNOT. 1 to buy cheap et you are getting auto benefit ofthe court price. Carry down your list et let me show-youwhat ns can do. . ' '.'tfLakeside timber Co.Klamath ave.

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Et Center st.AllAshland plenty of improvementsi .Iv1M.y.Y.'iv,JiXML 'WKfcSJ.i je "isSif rt , A,M'i!W)lrWWyj-iliWy ,j 1 1 fct-j-Wl Jiyiriiiijaw-m)siB ntmmi jj. Jt mmtpjg