Casting Ne Le Dis À Personne

Screenplay: guilillume Canet, Philippe LefebvreStarring: françois Cluzet, Marie-Josée Croze, andré Dussollier, Kristin Scott-Thomas
What would you do if your companion was murdered numerous years ago, the authorities ont suddenly decided that tu are a vital suspect and you find ideas that peut faire contradicate tous the facts? Tell ne sont pas One is here venir answer this...

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Guillaume Canet has actually been a major french movie étoiles since the mid-90s (you pouvez recognise him oui Ètienne from auto Beach), but besides dabbling with a couple of short films here et there, it wasn"t until auto 00"s that hey decided to direct full-length feature films. Tell ne sont pas One is his second outing behind the caméra and, through Philippe Lefebvre, cette has crafted a superb adaptation of Harlen Coban"s novel of thé same name.
Pediatrician Alexandre Beck (François Cluzet, the Intouchables, little White Lies) has had à deal with the loss de his murdered mam Margot (Marie-Josée Croze) for eight years, but suddenly bodies found at thé lake where elle was taken indigenous him alloue evidence venir Alexandre oui the killer. Simultaneously, hey receives a mysterious email containing a attach to regardez video footage of what appears à be Margot, looking larger than sa last living day!

It sounds a signification littérale complicated et hard venir stomach, but this is not how this cinématique handles itself. Though it is promoted ont complex éclaboussure you"ll be pleasantly suprised the Tell ne sont pas One doesn"t phat out choose this. What"s delivered is a competently command smooth blend of thriller, drama and light-comedy, tous neatly sewn together par the partnership of intrigue and love. In fact, it"s this last two elements the feed the emotional journey and actions of our leading character.

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François Cluzet is perfect casting as the lead for this story, i m sorry is vital ont it is his character nous screen throughout. Oui each scene unfolds, et new informations is presented to him, it"s hard to imagine what Alexandre Beck would faire in each circumstance. There are occasionally subtle flecks de reaction à some dialogues, whereby out-of-the-blue he will instinctivly erupt et do whatever"s necessary à upend the mystère one step further. Marqué what is apparent is the however powerful or minimal his respost, francis Cluzet conducts the role with vulnerable precision.

However, we must not forget some great performance from auto overall soutien cast, particularly from andrew Dussollier (a constant from films par Jean-Pierre Jeunet) oui the father-in-law et one de the UK"s best actresses, Kristin Scott-Thomas as the sister"s lesbian-lover Hélène, that assists Alexandre in his investigations. Both command your smaller parts with a rawness the could oui overpowered thé film, marqué Guillame has actually managed venir lace their unités into the tapestry à give the histoire strength without overbearing it.

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These relationships end up being vital to uncovering the foundations ns what can be a conspiracy versus Alexandre, professed venir us in fragments oui the tale unfolds. In fact, one pivotal, sweet instants of exploration has (in ma opinion) one of the best uses ns popular musique ever in film...even if it is U2!
The progressive swell ns disclosures, through a hefty affirmation near thé end du the critique act, lead to a touching définitif scene the both binding the histoire into a whole et teases you to watch it toutes les personnes over again. It"s a finish picture, the is worth discovering parce que le anybody that desires a mixture de excitement, conundrums et fine acting, tous bundled up in a regard driven de a man still fuelled by the love hey still carries parce que le the woman he has lost.

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