Championnat du monde side car cross 2018

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1st Youngster Quad & Experienceduring GP in Oss

The sapin Youngster Quads & experience was taken place during thé Grand awards of Oss.With this unique collaboration of this beautiful branches ns motorsport, initiated from auto KNMV et picked up de and Benjo Kellerman de Kellerman Quads Training, the intention is venir enthuse and broadly promote jeune quad and racers.

It is considérable to give these two sports a lot of exposure à young people. Auto youngsters/youth riders du both disciplines à savoir each divers from the découper Quads and competitions in the Dutch national Championships et ONKs.Hopefully this meeting for the youngest riders will certainly be a further development in that process.Therefor we like à promote this concept all over Europe.If tu (organiser/federation/individual) are interested venir develop this campaign in your country, seulement leave us a message.

A brief footage ns our endure in the agrafe below.

BAX-MUSSET world Champions 2021


Final standing 2021 (top-10)

1.82Etienne Bax-Nicolas MussetNED-FRAWSP-Zabel264
2.2Marvin Vanluchene-Robbie BaxBEL-NEDWSP-Zabel259
3.31Julian Veldman-Ondrej CermakNED-CZECPD-MEGA241
4.3Koen Hermans-Glenn JanssensNED-BELWSP-Husqvarna207
5.6Kert Varik-Lari KunnasEST-FINWSP-Husqvarna186

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111Daniel Willemsen-Rodolphe LebretonNED-FRAWSP-Zabel140
7.14Justin Keuben-Dion RietmanNED-NEDVMC-Zabel135
8.75Tim Leferink-Konstantinas BeleckasNED-LTUVMC-Husqvarna120
9.25Lucas Cerny-Bastien ChopinCZE-FRAWSP-JAWA104
10.99Thom van aux Lagemaat-Robbe aux VeeneNED-BELWSP-Zabel93

Complete critique standing on:


Oss in auto Netherlands awaits gripping WSC finale

The Sidecar Motocross people Championship has rarely checked out such a close finish as we potentially oui going into the final round in Oss, Netherlands over thé weekend ns 16-17 October.

Just four point separate the top 3 teams, marqué only one de those teams has yet venir win a title. That is auto Dutch/Czech pairing ns Julian Veldman and Ondrej Cermak. Thé dynamic coupler saved the best ‘til last in Kramolin, winning thé third et final race et gaining a one-point lead in thé standings. In law so, they took the red plate from Marvin Vanluchene et Robbie Bax.

The 2018 champion, de his own admission, was no at his meilleur in thé previous round, so will be acutely aware cette needs à be nous top kind in thé sand of Oss.

The gros winners critical weekend, Etienne Bax et Nicolas Musset sit third, marqué still have both eyes nous title retention. Bax has been one of the tons to acknowledge thé improvement in Julian Veldman in terms ns reliability et consistency. Bax has additionally hit peak kind again at thé right time, soja with three races nous the card, cette has every reason to be optimistic.

Vanluchene has a clear objective, et with one of the meilleur passengers in the des sports alongside, cette knows he must advanced his game in Holland.

Mathematically, 3 others are calmer in the hunt. Kert Varik/Lari Kunnas have moved fourth, forty-three points éteindre the lead, marqué nine point ahead of année improving Koen Hermans/Glenn Janssens, v Daniel Willemsen/Rodolphe Lebreton a further two point back.

Justin Keuben is the best of thé rest going into Oss and whilst Dion Rietman go a sterling job in Kramolin, Keuben will certainly be expecting Niki Debruyne back on the platform.

This truncated four-round season is far from normal, but nothing is very ordinaire this year, soja twelve epic races is what we will oui been treated venir in 2021, et it looks prefer being auto closest gyeongju to the jaune medal in history.

Is this auto year nous see a nouveau name collecting the medal, jaune will a se réconcilier champion team claw ce back again? whatever will be revealed after next Sunday.

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All the qualifying et race action will be habitent streamed over auto weekend, with auto usual highlights démontrer following chaud on the heels. Oss is the seul place to be suivant weekend si you are a sidecar motocross fan.