Changer l extension d un fichier sous windows 10

On 2 or 3 files you can aller it manually, but when you ont 50 or more contour to modify, ce takes much longer.

Vous lisez ce: Changer l extension d un fichier sous windows 10

With the trick I’m going venir give you, you’ll conserve a de nombreux of time.


How venir modify the extension of several contour in 1 click

1) to start, aller to the folder whereby the contour whose extensions are to be modified are located.

2) Then, in thé same folder, develop a Text documentation (right click, climate click conditions météorologiques “new” then on “text document”).

3) Then, you must create this codé in auto text document:

echo off
ren *.original développer *.desired extension

That’s tous well et good, cible what walk that codé mean? In fact, the only changes à be made in this codé will be auto extensions: “original extension” and “intended extension“.

Example, I oui 50 images in.JPG and I want à modify the expansion to placed them in.PNG.

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4) si we use our codé again, cette will look choose this:

echo off
ren *.jpg *.png


Code to change extensions

5) So, once this code is composed in your text document, amie must save cette in.bat (and no in.txt).


Save la gestion in .bat

Normally, tu should ont your.bat documentations with a “gearwheel” icon.

All you have to do is double-click conditions météorologiques it, et in a few seconds, all your contour will oui their expansions modified.

As amie will have understood, this cheat is not useful si you have few contour to modify, but it will be really useful in the boîte of a multiple modification

Was this cheat useful to you?

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