Chateau Des Ducs De Bretagne Exposition

The momentary exhibitions offer an opportunity to des questions preconceived concepts in our perpetual score to better understand history and the modern-day world.

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Two forms du exhibition exist: those the favourthe connection to the city–whether cette is historical or societal –and those that questionNantes’s relationship to other territories. Regularly in tandem with surtout institutions, denchères (or international) museums, they offer an occasion to reveal objects seldom seen par the public.

Whether using objects acquired via circonscriptions drives, or through the museum’s very own collections,the “expositions de territoire” return to key des moments in auto city’s history, and in the local population’s relationship to Nantes. As a result, the auditeur was able venir discoverNantaises au terrain –about job-related in the city; Nantais vénus d’ailleurs–aboutforeigners who made Nantes their home; En guerres, 1914-1918 / 1939-1945, Nantes / Saint-Nazaire ­–about auto World Wars;andRock ! Une biographie nantaise–which examined thé history ns the local rock scene… venir name seulement a few! With thé museum’s acquisition policy, these exhibitions correspondre to the singular soul as an institution that has continually evolved et questioned itself because its creation. They haveallowed parce que le new museum rooms à be opened oui well oui for avec certitude themes venir be developed throughout thé itinerary.

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The curators ns certainexhibitionson the relationship between Nantes et the worldhave been instituted par the museum’s management. This was the case, parce que le example, withLa tang & le Canon FRANCE-CHINE (1700/1860) in 2010, and withSamouraï, 1 000 ans d’histoire aux Japonin 2014.Others were established in cooperation with internationale museums, like:Icônes, trésors de réfugiés, in partnership through theByzantine and Christian Museumin 2016,Les Esprits, l’Or et ns Chaman, in partnership with the Museo del Oro in Colombia in 2017,Nous das appelons Vikings, in collaboration et coproduced with auto Swedish History musée in Stockholm and MuseumsPartner in Austria in 2018.

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Since 2007, 26 exhibitions ont been opened up to the public, 6 ns which have been labelled “of national interest” de the français government.



The Abyss: Nantes’s role in the slave trade and colonial slavery, 1707-1830

October 16th 2021 — june 19th 2022