Chris Rock Films Et Programmes Tv

Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member chris Rock has showed up in such films oui "Bad Company" et is the creator of auto television démontrer "Everybody no Chris."

Who Is chris Rock?

Comedian chris Rock flourished up in Brooklyn, nouveau York. At âge 18, cette was discovered by Eddie Murphy at new York's Comedy Strip. He went nous to appear in films and on Saturday Night Live, and soon exit his tons comedy album. 

His successes include deux Emmy award-winning HBO specials, three grammy award-winning comedy albums and auto popular sitcom Everybody no Chris. Hey has additionally twice hosted the académie Awards. 

Early Life

Rock was attaché on February 7, 1965, in Andrews, southern Carolina. Rock is auto eldest son ns Julius Rock, a van driver, et Rose Rock, a teacher. When Rock to be a toddler his household relocated à Brooklyn, nouveau York. He spent the remainder du his childhood in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

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He attended a practically all-white auditeur school and, as a result, to be subjected to discrimination at an early age. Rock's beforehand bouts v racism substantially influenced his comedic material. 

Rock is many noted parce que le his life humor and has no qualms about making drôle of toutes les personnes sexes et races. His uninhibited la nature has garnered him respect as well ont controversy native both white et minority communities.

Stand-Up Comedy album and Specials

At lâge 18, Rock was discovered de Eddie Murphy doing stand-up comedy at nouveau York's Comedy Strip. In 1991, he released his life comedy album, Born Suspect.

1996 marked a turning mettre en ordre in Rock's career. His talent were recognized par HBO, et the cable network created a comedy special starring Rock, title Bring in thé Pain. Auto comedian won deux Emmy Awards and wide an essential acclaim for the show. 

Rock likewise received Grammy prix for his album Roll With thé New (1997), Bigger et Blacker (1999) and Never Scared (2004). His 5th comedy special, 2008's Kill auto Messenger, brought about a pair de Emmy wins. 

After signing a attend to Netflix, thé comedian returned to thé stage pour the 2018 release of Tamborine.

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TV Shows et Movies

'Beverly Hills Cop II,' 'New jack City'

A petit role in Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) was Rock's cinématique debut. Hey also showed up in Keenan ivory Wayans' I'm Gonna volonté You Sucka (1988), before undertaking thé more dramatic role ns Pookie, a drug-addicted informant, in Mario van Peebles' New jack City (1991).



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Bowen Yang


'Saturday Night Live'

In 1990, Rock adhered to in auto footsteps de his idol, Murphy, passant par joining the cast ns Saturday Night Live, where he enjoyed some success through his création of the black power personality Nat X. After 3 seasons conditions météorologiques SNL, absent left venir pursue différent career opportunities. Cette starred in auto hip-hop comedy CB4 in 1993, and appeared on In living Color à la a handful of episodes that année prior to the show's cancellation.

'The chris Rock Show'

In 1997, Rock started hosting his own television show, The kris Rock Show, i m sorry earned him two CableACE awards. During this high alloue in his career, Rock likewise appeared in Sgt. Bilko (1996), Beverly Hills Ninja (1997) et Lethal Weapon 4 (1998). 

'Dogma,' 'Nurse Betty'

In 1999, hey appeared in the irreverent big-screen comedy Dogma, alongside such stars as Matt Damon, bénier Affleck et Salma Hayek. Absent had autre big screen role in 2000, playing a hit man in auto edgy comedy Nurse Betty, certification Renee Zellweger. His movies parce que le the new millennium included Jay and Silent Bob strike Back (2001), Bad Company (2002), co-starring Anthony Hopkins, and the voice of marti in DreamWorks’ Madagascar (2005).

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'Everybody hates Chris'

In 2005, absent debuted a sitcom referred to as Everybody hates Chris, a spoof on the perennially famous Everybody Loves Raymond. The seul was inspired by Rock's teenage years farming up in auto Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of nouveau York City. The démontrer quickly became the second most-watched comedy conditions météorologiques the network.

Oscar Hosting et Controversy

In 2005, Rock hosted the académie Awards and received combined reviews for his performance. He made actor Jude law one de his punchlines, joking: "If you want à m Cruise and all you can importer is Jude Law, wait!"

Prior to hosting, Rock also took a jab at the récompenses show: “What straight couleur noire man sit there and watches thé Oscars? Show moi one. Et they don't identify comedy, et you don't view a de nombreux of black people nominated, sauce soja why should je watch it?"

In 2015, ce was announced the Rock would revenir to host thé 88th académie Awards in 2016, marked passant par the uproar surrounding the lack ns ethnic diversity among the nominations. His opening monologue contained politicized feeling that straight took nous the controversy, consisting of Hollywood hiring practices.