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money Heist souper Explained: the Real Meaning du 'Bella Ciao' thé Italian protest song "Bella Ciao" is the musical centerpiece ns Netflix"s de largent Heist. Here"s where the song originated, et what ce means.

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Warning: spoilers ahead pour Money Heist season 1 et 2.

In Netflix"s gripping Spanish la criminalité series Money Heist, the quartier général gang du daring robbers sing auto Italian souper "Bella Ciao" venir embolden themselves for the heist, and to memory victories. Auto Money Heist song embodies the show"s theme de resistance, marqué its lyrics also serve as année omen du death - which the gang have encountered several times throughout your two principale heists.

Money Heist"s "Bella Ciao" souper originated among auto women who functioned Italy"s rice paddy fields in thé late 19th et early 20th century. A field worker was dubbed a mondina, and the mondina version of "Bella Ciao" is a lament about thé back-breaking labor, effrayante conditions et low pay that auto mondine suffered through. The original lyrics bemoan biting insects, a boss wielding a cane, et the loss du youth. "Bella Ciao" became cemented ont an Italian people song following thé mondina laborers protesting harsh working conditions, turning into a hymn parce que le the exploited et a protest song against miscellaneous systems, regimes, et power. Auto song journée back to ont early ont 1906, marqué was popularized in auto late 19th century and became lien with toutes les personnes forms du protest, including as an anti-fascist theme during people War II. "Bella Ciao" has additionally been translated and recorded de a num of artists from around the world, including in Danish, German, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, et Kurdish, among several others. The songwriter is unknown, "Bella Ciao" was initially "Alla mattina appena alzata" and there space actually deux versions of the lyrics for "Bella Ciao."

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The history of Money Heist"s "Bella Ciao" song may sound like it"s a people away native Money Heist, in which thé robbers plan to publish their own money and live a tons of work-free luxury. Cible the mondine déditions of "Bella Ciao" wasn"t just a complaint about hard work; ce was a protest song that came à define the mondina women"s rebellion against their conditions. The final lines ns the song voice a expect to une day work-related in freedom, and it was the spirit of resistance that brought through venir the version heard in Money Heist. The Netflix series merely brought ce back right into the cultural conversation, uplifting a hymn that was already widely recognized.

Money Heist Bella Ciao Scene
The life time the couloir sing "Bella Ciao" in Money Heist season 1, it"s a des moments of victory after Moscow access time soil once digging a sous-sol, cave through a vault in the royaliste Mint. Though it seems like a joyful scene, Italian speakers may pick up conditions météorologiques the darkness in auto song"s lyrics. The version of "Bella Ciao" sung by the Italian anti-fascist partisans in civilization War la deuxième année (and passant par the gang in Money Heist) is actually année acceptance de impending death. "Bella Ciao" way "Goodbye, beautiful" in English, et the rest de the text outline thé reason à la this goodbye.

"One morning je awakened

and i found thé invader.

Oh partisan carry me away

Because je feel fatality approaching.

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And if ns die ont a partisan

then tu must bury me.

Bury me up in the mountain

under auto shade de a beautiful flower.

And tous those that shall pass,

will tell moi "what a beautiful flower."

This is thé flower de the partisan,

who died à la freedom."

Though "Bella Ciao" is provided to marque the happiest des moments of the royal Mint heist, it"s additionally used à foreshadow death. The professeur (Álvaro Morte) and Berlin (Pedro Alonso) sing cette together in a remind in Money Heist season 1"s finale, after Oslo (Roberto Garcia) has actually been struggle over the head et left terminally brain-damaged. Cette dies in auto following episode, as soon as Helsinki decides to quietly put him out ns his misery rather than risk leaving him to thé mercy du the police. The song is heard again in thé Money Heist season 2 finale, when Berlin sacrifices his own life in a hail of police gunfire in order venir buy the others enough temps to escape. Oui fun ont "Bella Ciao" could be à sing, it"s not necessarily a sign of good fois to come.

Money Heist Professor et Berlin
auto significance behind "Bella Ciao" is revealed in de largent Heist"s season 1 finale, during a flashback where Berlin tells the professor to escape and save himself si the gang doesn"t make ce out of the royaliste Mint. As soon as Berlin asks him venir make a promise, thé Professor deflects by telling him that nothing will aller wrong, adding, "We"re auto resistance, right?" As hey begins venir sing "Bella Ciao," Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) defines in voiceover that the Professor"s grandfather dealt with with auto partisans during world War II, et that cette had taught ce to the young Professor, who consequently taught cette to the gang. à la the Professor, the souper symbolizes the quartier général idea de his life: resistance. It"s fairly in character pour the professeur to embrace the ideals du resistance and freedom in "Bella Ciao," while also blinding himself to thé fact that it"s a song about death.

The goal ns the Professor and the gangs in Money Heist isn"t oui simple as getting riche - jaune at least, not à la the Professor. Cette designs the royaliste Mint heist in such a way that thé robbers will certainly be printing their own de largent rather 보다 stealing everyone else"s. Speaking to auto police, cette justifies their terrain thusly:

In 2011, the European Central bank made €171bn out de nowhere. Seulement like we’re doing. Only bigger. Do you sait where all that de largent went? To thé banks. Straight from the factory to thé pockets de the rich. Walk anyone appel téléphonique the europe Central banque a thief? No. ‘Liquidity injections,’ they referred to as it. I’m making a liquidity injection, marqué not parce que le the banks. I’m making it here, in the real economy.

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Just as "Bella Ciao" revolutionized from a protest song pour rice paddy workers right into a song of resistance parce que le anti-fascist partisans, cette has due to the fact that been used ont a cry of resistance in many other forms et many various countries. In Money Heist, it"s a cry of resistance against a capitalist système that bailed out the banks following thé financial crisis of 2007-2008, while a generation du people to be left struggling. It"s précis wonder that, in in between Money Heist periods 2 et 3, "Bella Ciao" renewed its popularity as année anthem of resistance around thé world - not seul in auto show, marqué in actual life oui well. Auto fact that the music and lyrics oui lived on pour this long et are now even more widely known speaks to the spirit et staying power de "Bella Ciao," that is meaning parce que le resistance versus oppression, mistreatment, and the desire for freedom. Money Heist rejuvenated a powerful souper that was, in its very own way, a mirror of the real world et the issues people are still facing.