Wednesday 16 September - auto 17th stage of the Tour du France travel to auto unprecedented Col aux la Loze in the mountains above Méribel. This 22.5 kilometres climb takes in partie at more than 20%. The course kicks into équipement in Grenoble and amounts à 168 kilometres.

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The final haul up starts in ski station Méribel. Until june the paragraphe was not suited venir carry auto yellow caravan. Thé road was obtainable until auto airport at about 1,800 metres, but six freshly paved kilometer allow thé Tour de France to include the Col ns la Loze all the way to the top at 2,304 metres.

De Col aux la Loze is année ascent of 21.5 kilometres long. Thé slope greatly hovers roughly 7%, but kilometre 18 et 19 pavillon out through 11% gradients, concéder this partie features partie at over 20%. Thé last 2.5 kilometres avant the complete are equally explosive with an average gradient ns almost 10%.

Primoz Roglic is treated. Along thé way to auto finish line thé riders can see auto Ski-Jump from auto 1992 Albertville at an elevation ns roughly 1,300 metres.

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The roadway to the finish rise is no walk in the park either. The Col ns la folle is among auto intermediate ascents, which is a horror climb through the first 4 kilometres increasing at end 10%. The folle amounts to 17.1 kilometres and the average gradient sit at 8.4%.

The first three riders on the line gagner time bonuses of 10, 6 et 4 seconds.

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