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The public structure directory permits you to identify the les données that need to be filled in for each auditeur structure when your invoices are transmitted.

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Send digital invoice to COLLEGE CLEMENT MAROT

Find the SIRET alors of the auditeur entity as well oui the service codé or the legal appointment number if necessary

What is the codé Service?

In order à issue an invoice with Chorus cette is necessary to obtain the code Service of the french entity to which tu want à invoice. This sont définis is required by the french Institutions oui it allows auto invoice à betransfer to the correct recipient within the charpente of the public Administration ns France.

In the Directory you can find the verified encoder Service of COLLEGE CLEMENT MAROT et those ns other service providers registered in Chorus.

An digital invoice is a documentation that has thé same legitimate validity oui a record invoice, but is sent et received electronically.

There is specific legislation governing electronic invoicing, so it must comply with avec certitude legal requirements and standards. The most common electronic invoice format internationally is XML (with tous its variants) as it is a structured and standard formats that is conveniently processed passant par any system. Thé XML formats is chosen par the EN 16931 standard, i m sorry regulates electronic invoicing at european level.

In la france the format chosen pour the digital invoice is UBL Chorus

à faire you need to send année electronic invoice to COLLEGE CLEMENT MAROT?

Electronic invoicing in france in B2G des relations is mandatory native 2017. This means that employers or self-employed personnes who ont relations v the auditeur Administrations of la france are required to issue an electronic invoice. Progressively companies of different sizes oui been evolving towards electronic invoicing until, finally, in 2020 cette became causing obligation for toutes les personnes types de companies or professionals.

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The required format is UBL Chorus et electronic invoices have to be submitted passant par Chorus.

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* is a cloud entreprises management platform that permits you venir control toutes les personnes your billing, creating and sending digital invoices venir your auditeur or private customers et receiving them without thé need parce que le manual input.

We help you seamlessly produce your invoices in UBL Chorus format and send them to COLLEGE CLEMENT MAROT via Chorus. In this way, tu ensure that you comply with thé requirements de national and European regulations safely and easily.

With tu can likewise manage other documents related to billing such oui quotes, orders jaune delivery notes.

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