Combien De Calorie Dans Un Verre De Vin

for a simple alcohol unit ( ? ) % vol. Kcal +/-
red or rosé wine ~10cl 12 80
white wine (dry) ~10cl 12 80
sparkling wine (brut) ~10cl 12 80
spiritis ~3cl 40 70
anis with water ~2,5cl 45 73
AROMATIZED alcohol PRODUCT ~9cl 14 117
fortified wines (Porto) ~8cl 19 118
cider ~25cl 5 102
Beer ~25cl 5 105

The amounts indicated here are in simple units of alcohol, thé equivalent de 10 grams ns ethanol.

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However, auto definition du a unit ns alcohol and the le volume contained in a glass served in a payot can differ according à country (for some nations there are official recommendations: 10 grams ns ethanol in France, 8 grams du ethanol in auto UK, 12 grams of ethanol in Scandinavian countries).

Type du drink

Wines rouge wine white wine rosé wine white wine (sweet) Sparkling alcohol (extra brut) spirits & Liqueurs Vodka Rum Whisky Anis Liqueur de fruits cocktails & Mix drink Aromatized alcohol fortified Wine (Porto) blanche wine (still) - Blackcurrant Vodka-Orange Mojito Whisky-Cola Softs drinks pure Orange Juice Cola eau gazeuse light boisson non-alcoolisée Energy drink Beers & Ciders Cider (sweet) Cider (dry) beer Stout/Ale craft beer

à la a seul alcohol unit % vol. Kcal +/-
Red wine ~ 10cl 12 80
white wine ~ 10cl 11 78
rosé wine ~ 10cl 12 80
sweet wite wine ~ 7,5cl 17 103
sparkling wine (extra but) ~ 10cl 12 80

soul & Liqueurs


for a single alcohol unit % vol. Kcal +/-
Vodka ~ 3cl 37,5 71
Rum ~ 3cl 40 70
Whisky ~ 3cl 40 72
Anis ~ 2,5 cl 45 73
Liqueur de fruit ~ 6cl 20 144

cocktails & mix drinks


parce que le a single alcohol tenir ensemble % vol. Kcal +/-
Aromatized alcohol product ~ 9cl 14 117
fortified wine (Porto) ~ 8cl 19 118
White alcohol (still) - blackcurrant ~ 12cl 11 108
Vodka-Orange ~ le 3 cl of Vodka + 20cl du orange juice 37,5 161
Mojito ~ le3 cl aux Rum + 3cl of vert lemon + 6g of sugar and added sparkling water 40 100
Whisky-Cola ~ 3cl of whisky + 20 cl ns cola 40 155

beers & ciders


à la a single alcohol unit % vol. Kcal +/-
cider (sweet) ~ 50cl 2.5 136
Cider (dry) ~ 25cl 5 102
Beer ~ 25cl 5 105
Ale jaune Stout ~ 15,6cl 8 97
craft beer ~ 25cl 6 128

soft drinks


% vol. Kcal +/-
Orange juice (pure) ~ 25cl -- 109
Soda cola ~ 33cl -- 135
energy drinking ~ 35cl -- 167
Soda cola light ~ 33cl -- 4

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