Comment charger une batterie de telephone portable sans le telephone

There"s to be a de nombreux of hesitation in the last couple of months when cette comes venir flying.

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Items that used à be allowed in a carry-on are getting banned et instead oui to be checked-in. Items choose tablets jaune laptops room not permitted as soon as flying to thé US or the UK native several nations now. This includes popular destinations such oui Turkey.

That method that nous these long flights, tu will no be allowed à work with your laptops. Marqué how around phones? téléphone intelligent are toujours allowed on toutes les personnes flights. The question is will certainly your battery last? more than likely not. Your téléphone portable battery never ever really does, does it? especially not on longue flights. Luckily, si you want à bring her portable accusation on auto plane, elle can, marqué there space a couple of "ifs."


You Must carry a Portable accusation in your Carry-On

Unless tu are carrying là batteries jaune spare lithium batteries, toutes les personnes major battery espèce are typically allowed on a plane. Do sure check your airline"s website as each airline has its very own policies.

For security reasons, you must to bring her batteries in her carry-on. new regulations ont made this mandatory nous most airlines. And, si you space looking venir use your charger, you will need cette in the cabin with amie anyway.

But why does a portable battery or power bank need à stay with tu in her carry-on? some types of batteries ont the ability venir have année internal chemical reaction and start a fire. When not toutes les personnes batteries reaction this way, airlines oui put a restriction all batteries as a security measure.

It"s a beaucoup easier à control et put out a sur le feu if it happens inside a cabin 보다 in a cargo hold. Specifically considering that toutes les personnes liquids over 100ml that could additionally be flammable would be stored in a cargo hold. This is why airline take preventive measures to ensure all batteries room in thé cabin, even main chargers and power banks.

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Power banque Capacity problem

The most significativement factor the decides whether you can bring your portable charger with you jaune not is auto Wh that ce is rated at. Wh stands pour watt-hours et is a more accurate measure 보다 mAh, i beg your pardon doesn"t constantly give an accurate representation ns your batteries capacity.

You are permitted a portable charger that"s rated up à 100 watt-hours. Anything over that and you require permission from thé airline.

Certain companies manipulate labels to make ce seem prefer they are giving elle more power capacity than they actually are. Check out thé ultimate guider to capacity à read more in-depth around battery capacity.

How venir Calculate Watt hours in force Banks

It"s simple math. Milliamp Hours/1000 voir Voltage = Watt Hours

(mAh)/1000 cf (V) = (Wh)

For example, si you oui a 10,000mAh portable accusation you want to bring nous a plane:

10,000mAh/1000 cf 3.7V = 37 Wh

Luckily, at nous make cette easy pour you et print auto Wh right nous your portable frais or énergie bank. Seul show airport security thé Wh if there is any type of doubt.

Choosing the Right main Charger

When cette comes venir smaller portable chargers that are meant à keep your téléphone charged throughout your flight, auto likes de the A3PD portable charger don"t need à be checked. This smaller puissance banks without a doubt are below capacity. In fact, even something enlarge like thé A6PD main Charger with 20,100mAh (74.3Wh) will not causer any difficulties at all. And that"s a maker that have to last you a brief weekend trip conditions météorologiques one charge.


If you are looking à la a power bank with a greater capacity to revendiqué a num of devices jaune your friends gadgets too, auto SuperTank is a an excellent choice the is allowed conditions météorologiques airplanes v 27,000 mAh.

This power banque has 3.7V and is within thé limits, rated at 100Wh. This is seulement enough not à need approval from année airline at the maximum airline safe battery volume approved by TSA/EASA for aviation travel.

That makes it année excellent take trip companion ont it a an equipment that has the max Wh that elle can bring without a worry. SuperTank has 100W USB-C power Delivery et USB-A Qualcomm Quick charger 3.0 from the four USB ports, soja you don’t oui to pick which an equipment to calculé first, consisting of your laptop!

What si Your Power bank Exceeds auto Limit?

If you ont a power bank that"s rated as 100.1-160 watt-hours, then amie will require approval from an airline. All main chargers loss within the safe battery volume approved by TSA/EASA for aéronautiques travel.

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Happy Travels v Your portable Charger

If elle are flying, you will require a main charger. Airplane outlets room usually crowded at airports et not every airport has outlets available à la use.


When ce comes à, you should not oui any difficulties flying through your portable chargers, unless somebody decides à use yours since it"s that good-looking!