A widowed mother sets out to solve the mystère surrounding elle young son's arising superpowers while maintaining his extraordinary presents under wraps.

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Widowed mom Nicole struggles to raise elle only child Dion, not knowing the second-grader own powers past anyone's comprehension.

Dion's powers continuez to perplex année increasingly on-edge Nicole. Beat volunteers à investigate a possible lead right into Mark's past.

Following a run-in at school, Nicole has a difficult marqué necessary dialoguées with her son. A mysterious illustration from Mark's past resurfaces.

As Nicole tries à track down the person behind année ominous photo, play takes Dion à BIONA, where they see a few fémur not conditions météorologiques the main tour.

The life-altering events surrounding Mark's previous come right into focus. Nicole struggles venir give Dion his rêver birthday. Esperanza provides a discovery.

Nicole it s okay reacquainted with an old passion. Charlotte offers à take Dion under elle wing. Beat gets some unexpected news at work.

When Dion is taken to thé hospital with a secret ailment, Nicole and Pat problem his powers pouvez be discovered.

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Nicole put everything conditions météorologiques the line venir rescue Dion from Suzanne and BIONA. Later, Charlotte uncovers a terrifying truth.

With thé crooked homme closing in et a final affrontement seemingly inevitable, a terrified Nicole tries to protect Dion by fleeing the city.

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Michael Che revenir to the stage in Oakland et tackles American patriotism, le noir leadership, jealousy exes, loosened bears, rétrécir health and more.