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For more than 40 years, MV Transportation has provided safe, reliable, affordable transportation services to cities, counties, municipalities, and other jurisdictional entities, as well as private corporations, non-profit agencies, and community organizations.

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MV is your strategic transportation services partner. Driven by reliability & innovation, our key areas of expertise include:

We serve diverse communities—from small, rural fixed-route services to lớn large, high-profile systems. Across these systems, our clients tóm tắt the same goal: safe, reliable, predictable, easy-to-use, cost effective service.

MV works with colleges và universities to lớn plan & implement transportation options that enhance campus life and improve the safety and mobility of students, faculty, & visitors.

MV works with corporations khổng lồ enhance employee benefits and satisfaction with transportation solutions that encourage increased productivity and alleviate growing traffic congestion.

MV works with school districts in both urban và rural settings khổng lồ deliver safe, secure, và reliable student transportation between trang chủ and school.




We deliver one of the industry’s most comprehensive range of proven transportation solutions lớn meet your individual needs.

We offer a chất lượng blend of on-demand ADA-compliant transportation services for urban và rural settings – to lớn help you reduce costs và increase service.

We offer fixed-route, flex-route, commuter bus, and shuttle services – providing some of the largest privately-operated services in the nation.

We offer public, private và airport shuttle operations, connecting employees, students, and passengers khổng lồ their places of work or desired destinations from commuter train stations, transfer centers, park-and-ride lots, and other origins.

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We provide safe and reliable school bus operations, delivering expertise in both traditional và special needs transportation.

We have the right operational expertise và talented workforce lớn execute a plan that maximizes resources across all of your transportation service needs.

We offer specialized transit và technology consulting on demand management, route optimization, ridership planning, maintenance, & safety.


MV implements, enhances và maintains industry leading cloud-based transportation management platforms that often encompass passenger & driver applications as well as rules-based trip scheduling engines that optimize trip routing, reservations, dispatch, live trip tracking, and detailed reporting.

We will deliver the best customer experience with industry-leading safety, reliability, và innovation.


MV is a safe pair of hands for your transportation needs with a proven track record of more than 40 years and over 250 active engagements with expertise in scheduling, dispatch, maintenance, & driver operations.


We place the safety and security of our passengers, employees, and communities above all else, fortified by a rigorous, integrated cross-MV system of policies, procedures and programs, and regimented driver curricula.


With a four decades-long commitment to providing safe, reliable, and clean transit fleets, MV maintains best practices in the industry related to lớn data-driven preventative và predictive maintenance.


MV is a leader in leveraging advanced technology to optimize safety and efficiency. We maintain deep expertise with leading transit technologies, as well as MV’s proven, proprietary on-demand platform.

"MV has demonstrated an ongoing commitment khổng lồ customer service và operational efficiency. We are pleased to extend our partnership with a shared focus on improving & enhancing mobility throughout the community."
“MV has consistently demonstrated its reliability và commitment to lớn providing positive customer service.”
“MV Transportation is safe, reliable và responsive. Putnam County has developed a partnership that provides affordable và consistently dependable transportation services for our residents. The personal attention to every detail helps make my job as the transit manager easy. MV is extraordinary in every aspect of transit service.”
“MV’s more than 15-year commitment to the success of our system is critical as we continue our work to lớn grow ridership and improve mobility throughout the Tri-Valley community.”